Covered "more chicken pox"

B has taken lots of baths..
This helped more then anything..
And she loves to play in the water..
Always a smile..

CHICKEN POX on your Birthday

Well need less to say B enjoyed her first birthday cake..She wasn't feeling so good that night..but that did not slow her down...the more the girls giggled the more she tore in..

I noticed a spot on her head Wednesday night but we had been outside so thought a bug had bite her and thought nothing more of it..So Thursday morning getting her ready for PT I saw 2 more around the same area..So after PT I was changing her and decided we should call the DR..she had something...

A little cake for Daddy..
So the Dr said come on in as always..they are so good about that..we waited and this time I was positive she had chicken pox..She had little red spots coming up faster then I could count..when it was our turn to see the DR he said "no way..I haven't seen chicken pox in years" But sure enough he was surprised to say yes Chicken POx...

By that night she had red spots all over and it was obvious she was ITCHING...It was a blessing she didn't know to scratck..she rubbed behind her ears a little but other then that she was a little we give her the baths every couple of hours to help..benadryl, and lots of cuddling..

The girls wrapped up some things we had gotten her for her birthday and she was happy with the paper more then anything else..It is a god thing we are celebrating her Birthday next Saturday, Because this past she would not have been good company..

Happy Birthday B..
We love you more then you will ever know!!

look at me now!!

New things are happening new things...
B is now able to get her self up on her knees and hold herself in this position for about a minute!! It takes so much effort because her trunk is so weak, but she is getting stronger daily..
And she can get herself back into setting from her belly..This is big stuff!!

Plans for the big day..

I am trying to get things together for B's party..It will be here when I turn around..The invites are all most done , just have to go print out the picture to go on one side..and having a hard time choosing..Address's on the cards, and hopefully in the mail tomorrow..

I am making her banner and something to put on the front door..pulled out some scrap book paper I have had forever!! And picked up a new stack and some ribbon to match..

Lots of sweet treats arriving soon..