Garden girl

This girl heart sings when she picks the garden.

She loves nothing more then to go to the garden and pick her some squash, tomatoes, cucumbers or what ever else she may find and bring it home to cook right away. What ever time that may be. A garden on the farm has amazed me how much food it had produced. We have picked a couple of weeks daily and it is still coming in. What a blessing. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

A afternoon I want to remember

Today after church we were just hanging in the back yard. Enjoying this beautiful day. Usually this would mean Madison on the swing set and Bristol on the Back porch on the concrete!! But today was different. Bristol is stepping outside her comfort zones more every day.

Today. My girl is in the grass/ dirt with no shoes on not even thinking twice about it. It makes my heart sing. I want her not to miss out on anything due to sensory issues or what ever they call it.

I would have looked at this this master piece 3 years ago and thought what was Madison thinking. But after sitting in OT with Bristol I can appreciate it. We often practice top to bottom in OT. So you go girl put those skills to practice. Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

School days!

Bristol did so great at school the first day. I was on contact with her teacher several times throughout the day. I was so worried about several things. If she was going to physically keep up for the whole day. Separation issues. For both of us !! Just lots of unknown things. But as her teacher put it. " she exceeded our expectations" so proud of her. I was so lost without her. It is going to be a big adjustment. Not having her with me all the time. But so rewarding to see her grow. And know all the appointments for therapy and play groups and drs were paying off. We are so blessed!!

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