A giving heart

Last fall....I dropped my Madison off this morning at school with her hands full! I helped her bake 8 loaves of chocolate chip pumpkin bread! Yes.. 8..She was so excited to hand these out to her teachers and favorite Helpers around the school! And some people there could use some extra cheer!
She is so kind and full of compassion! She loves to make people smile! She is always (making a mess.. I mean) making someone a picture or cutting and glueing something to give to so one! I find stuff all the time she has make but never delivered! It blesses my heart!

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A recipe or two

I wanted to try some new things this week for dinner.. It seems we eat the same old things each week! So with the help of pinterset I found some new things to try..

Cowboy tator tot casserole
I Cooked
1 med onion
3 cloves garlic
Then 1lb hamburger
When done I added
Can of cream mushroom soup
1can of corn
Cheese (more the better)

Spray a baking dish with non stick spray
Put 1/2bag tator tots
then cooked mixture
Then remaining tator tots
Top with more cheese
Bake @ 350 until tator tots are done and bubbly

I doubled this and with a little help that night we eat it all! So no picture..
Yummy comfort food for a cool day!
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Too long!

It has been so long since I blogged last ! A couple of updates..

- Bristol saw the neurologist for a followup after the MRI I was upset about.. He was very pleased at how well she is doing! Surprised she was walking! Excited about the results of her MRI..he assured me we got all the information we needed from the no contrast MRI.. After lots of questions I wAs ok with it.. And super HAPPY he did not want to see her again..
He said the spot on her brain that was lacking melion (sp) which is the insulators around the nerves were no longer an issue!
All I can say is thank you Jesus! Another miracle to record!

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MRI #3

Today Bristol was all set for an MRI.. We had gone last weEk to have her pre op and I had asked about the order and wanted to make sure it would be done with and without contrast..

So this morning we were to be there at 6:30.. We got settled in and at 8 they took her back..after being cleared by the antistelogist she was ready..I carried her back to the room where the machine is..they give her some gas and she was asleep in seconds..I was asked to go to the waiting room and they would be to get me soon..I took my seat in the waiting room with my mom and travis's mom.. We waited..

They called me back after just a little while, they were done and ready to wake her up.. She did great..woke up right away and was shouting GO!! She was ready to get out if there..

But after asking some questions why it only took a few minutes our nurse responded .. I only heard "no contrast""......I was so mad..after lots more questions and knowing we could not do anything about it now I was like Bristol..GO!!!

So they put my baby to sleep..3rd time in 3 months..(eye surgery, ear tubes) and did not do a complete job? So now I wait for the neurologist and genetic dr to call! With no answers more then likey...so frustrated!!

Blessed blessed

Bristol has taken ofF walking in the last couple of days like you would not believe! I have been waiting for this for what seems so long.. It seemed so far away for the longest time and now she is up it is hard to believe.. I look around and here she comes all over the house.. Opening up cabinets getting into the pantry and I have a hard time telling her no! I want her to make up for the time she could not explore..we are so blessed!


I am so ready for fall..I am so addicted to pinterest.... I love to look at all the neat ideas that I can really accomplish..so over the weekend I make a trip to the craft store and gathered up some thing to make a wreath for our front door..it has been awhile since I made anything.. I was happy the way it turned out.

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A change

We made the design to switch back to the therapy clinic we started at when Bristol was 4 months old.. It is small and the drive is much better. No interstate..it took a couple times for her to adjust but had done so well..

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A little someone is cruising through the house now and can OPEN the pantry..and has found a new favorite seat!

This pictures says I have been caught!

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Surgery day

We had to be at Wolfson early! Bristol was in such a happy mood..

Terina had come that morning early to get Allison and Madison off to school, it was their first day. I tried to ease their minds and tell them not to worry and have a great first day.

We got all settled in and they gave Bristol something to really relax her while we were playing in the play room. Our opthmoligist and anistigoligist came in and spoke to us. When the time came for them to take Bristol she was smiling and so relaxed. I put her in the little boat and off she went without a worry in the world...we sat in the waiting room and tried to keep sane..after a hour and a half her dr appered just as he said he would..he told us everything went great and he thought it was a success..praise god..they would soon have her in recovery and we could see her..

She slept for a while and woke up and looked great! Her eyes will have some blood in them for about three weeks.. Within just about in hour we were on our way home..she has done so well..No outside play for one week and no water play for two weeks..we can handle that..

next week this time!

Next week this time
Madison and Allison will have just the right outfit laid out for the next big day..
lunches packed and waiting in the fridge till morning..
hopefully snuggled in bed early..
And My Bristol has no idea whats ahead the next day..I am getting very anxious about her eye surgery..
I do not want to worry and really have had no time to get all crazy about it cause we have been so busy getting ready for school.. but as the house got quiet tonight and I was looking over our schule for the next couple of days, It is written there in bright red ink..hard to miss..Praying

Ear TuBes

We had an appointment with a ENT a couple of weeks ago after Bristol failed her hearing test..we were told She had fluid in her ears and had hearing loss due to this and needed tubes.. I think She hears OK but the quality of the sound was affected.. Like maybe how you hear under water..Not really sure..I was also thinking maybe it could affect Her balance..
So She got herself  a fancy new set of  tubes..well really nothing fancy about it..It went so smoothly.. Only took minutes and She did Great! This picture is her just waiting for them to take her back..Just chilling watching Baby Signing times..They were wheeling Her back down to us within 15 minutes and She was setting up in Her bed saying Mama..We hope to hear a difference soon in talking!

July 4th

 I took the girls to ride in the wagon in the parade and took these pictures after..So by this time they were DONE..The heat don't mix well with them..Bristol was a little upset all the candy was gone and could not imagine way the kids would want to throw it out to the people.. She kept pointing to the basket and telling them BACK..

 Allison with her Great Granny Evelyn..
 My Girls are growing up Fast..
We ended our day with Great friends watching the fire works off the dock ..


We have been listening to the VBS music for a couple of months and I have been preparing my lessons for the 1st and 2nd graders class..and We were so happy when it was finally here.. We look forward to it every year..this year was no different..I was excited to spend some time with Madison teaching her class.. at the end of every night i would ask her so how do you think i did? and She would say I guess ok.. what ok..I think it was great.. :)

EYE surgery..

Bristol has been under the care of an opthmoligist since She was 2 months old..We started with one Doctor and then switched to another that better suited her needs ! Our Doctor keeps a very close watch on her and sees her every 3-4 months..She is so good when we go..She sits so still and usually does everything He ask..We have discussed her eyes not working together and what we could do about it..In her last visit we talked about her eyes not working together AT ALLl..Our doctor thinks now is the time to try to align her eyes with muscle surgery..
This was no big surprise to me..About a week before this appointment I felt God was telling about it..Quiet and still it is amazing what Our God will talk over with you! So the doctor just confirmed what I knew already..
So we started making calls to get it scheduled and She is on the books in august..until then we pray!

a Little bit about our Bristol

                       Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner and wanted to Share about Bristol..
                                         She is our 3 rd daughter..She has taught us more in her 2 short years then most will in a lifetime ! We are so thankful to our Maker how choose us to care for you!
First we give God all the glory for all the progress she has made..She has been so blessed to receive the very best of care and we have searched for the very best therapist that fit her..
She is always happy..always wakes with a smile..
She was 2 months old when I was starting to have some concerns..After many doctors apportionment's and tests we were told She has hypotonia and oculomotor apraxia..We have also talked about speech apraxia..and possible motor apraxia..
She is treated  through Wolfson childrens hospital rehab clinic. She is currently getting two physical , three speech, and one vision therapy a week..She is a very busy girl.
We also are involved in early steps and She loves their play groups..We go to little gym and O2B kids..She loves to paint..

Family Cafe

We attended the Family Cafe conference This past weekend in Orlando..It was a Big Deal! There were Families there from all walks of life just trying to get information and resources to help heir Special Someone..I attended several conference's that were so  helpful jammed full of wonderful ideas..Things I can to help Bristol right away!. We meet some very nice families and Children with some of the same issues that Bristol has and tossed around ideas and shared what was working best for our family  and talked about therapy..What kind, how often..I shared with lots of family's how much we like Signing times videos.. These have helped Bristol's communication  SO much..She can let us know her basic needs and her signs are getting better all the time..Our last night there we were setting outside and another family came over and we struck up conversation and their daughter sat by Bristol who was eating cookies..no surprise..We watched as the two signed very simple signs to each other to communicate..IT was no less then  AWESOME..

Hearing test #2

Bristol had a hearing test a couple of weeks ago..The neurologist recommended it the last time we saw him..Even though She had her first hearing test at 4 months old..And we were told everything was fine!
The audiologist found her ears had a lot of fluid..and she has had 2 different antibiotics in the last month and a half.. So we went into the booth and I thought She did very well..But at the end of the test we were told we needed to see an ENT..Another dr..YYAAHH..NOT..Also call our pediatrician and talk with them about the fluid in her ears..So we saw them the next day and She is now taking Zertec Daily..We are Praying to retest in 4 weeks and put hearing loss worries  to rest..

Talent Show

 These Girls Rocked the House at our talent Show at school! Alli sang "this is the stuff" with her friend.. Madi did a jumped act with a group of girls and Clara my Niece sang all by her self "JUst another picture to burn"..They all did very well..Travis picked them up some flowers..And of course Bristol wanted a picture with them!

So long 1st Grade..

Madison is almost done with first grade..She has done so well and should finish with all A's on her report card for the entire year! I am so thankful her school work seems to not give her any trouble.. Now her homework is a different story..She hates to set still at home and "do more work"...So it has been known for her to have to walk the fence at recess due to not turning her homework in..So She was very happy when She figured out this past Friday was her last in 1st grade..due to next week we will be out of town..So homework is a thing of the past for 1st grade.. She can be found gathering up change out of our cars and in our change jar to get goodies out of the snack shack on Fridays also..And may be known to use her lunch money if She forgets her money! I stood one Friday and watched as She give a couple of kids in her class money that had not brought any..She wanted everyone to get something..She has the Biggest heart of anyone I know! So Blessed to call her Mine!
This picture was taken on her field trip to the zoo.. we love to feed the giraffes!

                                      She helped pack our lunch and wrote on names on the bags.
                                                                        .I Love This!
                                                  They got a Alot a little squished in the cooler!
                                                The first grade also put on a play..MAdi was a
                                                                          Little blind mouse
                                                               with a couple speaking parts..
                                                                      She did very well!
So.. So long first grade!
p.s.   Queen of the monkey bars

Bristols Birthday

These pics were taken on Bristol's 2nd birthday! She is making the transformation to toddler hood more everyday! OOHHH how we Love her!!

Clay County Fair

We look forward to the fair every year..it is always a good time..Alli and Madi participated in the hay bale decorating with 4H and did a great job..
Alli also entered a painting and won "best in show" for her age division..
Bristol loved riding in her wagon and seeing everything!
Madison made some fudge and also earned a ribbon!
Bristol was enjoying some time stretching her legs while Madi rested hers.. : )
Bristol reading the map..
We sold lemonade at our 4h stand..It was nice to talk to all the people that came by in the old Florida area..

I dance!

So you might already know that some things do not come so easy for our sweet Bristol..This also includes her speech..She has been in speech therapy for over a year now and it has been a very slow process..We have discussed apraxia of speech..meaning the words get lost from the brain to the mouth..I do not realize just how behind her speech is until we are around other small kids..And it is not so easy to answer
" Why doesn't Bristol talk?"..to another 2 year old.. but I try to with a smile..
So today we were at the big girls talent show practice and all the kids were dancing on the stage..I was talking to Bristol as always explaining to her what they were doing..and then she said something..I did not get it the first time ..but the second time I got it loud and clear.."I DANCE".. She said..She wanted to dance on the stage too..I was excited for her 1: to put two words together..2: to express what she wanted..

I am aware this may seem so simple to some but for our Bristol it is yet another answer to prayer..

play group

I take Bristol to a couple of playgroups provided through early steps and she always has a good time..This was our first time at My gym..when we left She was asleep before I pulled out of the parking lot!
It is wonderful exercise her her and She loves the circle time with the songs!
can't wait for our next time!


This little smiling girl has so much to smile about !! Just a couple days ago at physical therapy She took 2 independent steps!!! I was totally surprised and could not believe my eyes through my tears!! Something that seemed so distant! yet so within reach.. Something most take for granted..Including me with Alli And Madi..
We have been encouraging B to stand alone, and She has been trying so hard..Her little body has to work so hard to just accomplish the smallest things it seems..But She is getting stronger ..I notice little things every day..When days seem to be so long her little smile always gets me through!!

Park Time

doesn't get any better then this!! oohh how I love these girls smiling faces!
Alli is so good with Bristol!! and such a big help!
My Madi..