This is Madison's idea of speech for Bristol..and B likes this pretty good too..Sunday morning we were putting the finishing touches on lunch for after church..We were having some friends over..and Madison was licking the bowl and B was helping..Little tastes like this is why our little B is not liking baby food any more..Why eat blue berry oat when you can have home made cream cheese icing..This was Her first official day in speech therapy which is actually working on feeding..She is extending her head way too far back while feeding and we has a weak tongue..So we are doing some exercises with her every day giving her input to the muscles in her mouth, tring to just make her more aware..We still thicken her bottles with rice cereal so it doesn't choke her and she has more control..We are using the puffs to crumble in her food with every feeding to introduce her to texture..And she is doing so well with this already..We are introducing her to juice with this cup you see..it bends and is see through so we can correct her tongue if needed..she wasn't liking the way we wanted her to hold her head down while she drinks..I learned so much in this hour session ..
She is such a little trooper..usually she is happy the entire time ..

Look Who's setting up unsupported!!!
B has been setting on her own for a couple of weeks, but just started with no support..She is making wonderful progress..
And I read on another blog this morning..We are learning to celebrate
"Inch stones"..
not milestones..