Madison graduated from prek this morning..She had enjoyed this school year so much and had has learned soo much..We had wonderful teachers..She was not easy to get ready in the mornings..She hated the uniform shirts and would complain they were boy shirts..She would complain all the way to school most mornings...When I would get there to pick her up no matter if I was the 1st or the lat car in line she would say "What took you sooo long? It is hot out here."..She loved show and tell..I am sure she always had a story to tell..Some days we would forget to bring something and she would find her something in our car she could tell a story about..She took the sonogram pics of Bristol several times..Madison loved school this year.. I loved to go to chapel and set in the back and just watch.. It brought tears to my eyes listening to them sing about our Jesus..and how much they loved him..we are so blessed to send our girls to such an awesome school!!

We are so done with 4th grade..

I Love pics of my 3 girls...I hope they will too will treasure them one day..
Allison had her closing ceremony at school tonight..She is soo done with 4th grade..This blows me away and reminds me of my age..She needed a bright color shirt so we found this bargain with this cute scarf..and jewelry to match.. I was told this is important..She is so grown up she thinks but in other ways she is very much still a child and I have to remind myself sometimes I expect to much of her sometimes..She has grown so much..It is such a blessing to send my girls to a wonderful school... This a shot of her singing with her class..Their future is so bright they need shades..
This is a picture of the first Sunday we took Bristol to church..She was 2 weeks old.

I love Sundays.. I love to go to church..We try to spend them together, with our girls. This Sunday I am going to refer to a hymn that gets me through my days..

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,

Just to take him at his word,

Just to rest upon His promise,

Just to know thus saith the Lord

Jesus, Jesus, How I trust him...

Today I was holding Bristol and noticed the cows were at the back fence. It was just the 2 of us home, so I grabed some bread and we were off to feed them..Madison usually feeds them when they come up so I thought I would for her today..

As I held Bristol so she could "see" the cows I talked to her all about them..I prayed that she could see.. We are so worried about her eyes..I know God makes no mistakes and he can heal her eyes if there is something wrong..We are just waiting until we go back to the dr for more answers..

I want her to enjoy the little things like seeing a new baby calf and summer flowers..
Tonight Travis and I celebrated our 11 year aniversery!! I do not know where the time has gone..It seems like just a few years ago we were married and expecting our first Allison..He was sheeting houses and I was working for the eye dr..And we were living on love..We have grown up so much since then..I thought I loved him soo much then , but it does not compare how much I love him now and care for him now..He is everything I could ever hope for for a Daddy for our girls..he loves all 3 of them differly yet the same..He makes them each feel special even if it is riding to the dump to take the trash..They bail right in that nasty truck of his like it was a limozine..He tells them he loves them all the time and not for any certain reason..He tells them he is proud of them...and he means it..I appreciate him so much.. His main concern is to provide for our family!! He loves to take the girls to the store and let them get something or take them to the movies and for ice cream..He is the best Daddy and husband..I could not ask for more.. He puts up with my nagging ways and doesn't complain about it..He tells me he loves me all the time and what a great mother I am to our girls..(sometimes I will think "well you were not there this morning when we were etting ready for school "LOL)..

Travis I love you soo...I hope we have many more years together and make many memories with our girls as they grow up.. I pray they too can find a husband to cherish them the way you do now..
Bristol is 2 months old today..Time sure does fly when you are having fun..We have adjusted quickly to having a house Full of little girls.. They are so much work..but worth every minute..

We went back to the Dr with Bristol today. I have felt the peace of God with me today. I have felt him arms around me. I hear him speaking. I am doing my best to listen. I want to believe there is a purpose for the worry we have had. Everything happens for a reason.

I want to hold my baby and love her carefree just as I did just a week ago. I don't want this to consume us and our family. I want to cherish her little smiles no matter how far apart they are. I want to be excited about new things she may do everyday.

Wordless wednesday

Today I took Bristol in to see the doctor. I was concerned with her cough. I also had a couple of questions. The doctor assured me she just had a cold and would be better in a couple of days. She had a look at her eyes after I told her I was worried about her not focusing and not smiling and interacting with me Because she is 8 weeks today. She gave us a referral to Nemours to see the opthmoligist. I pray that we will go they they will find nothing wrong. I am tring not to let my mind run away. Bristol is such a sweet baby. Hardly ever cries and when she does she usually just wants me to hold her.Please pray for my sweet baby. I know God is in control and doesn't make mistakes. I want this to be a lesson no matter the out come..

Moms DAy

It has been a while!!Today was a wonderful day!!Mothers day means so much more to me since the birth of my girls.We took lots of pictures today that we will look back on in years to come..

I am so lessed to have 3 healthy children.We started our day at church and then dinner at my family. This means more then any gift could.My sweet girls are growing so fast. I look at Allison and she is no longer a little girl.She is turning into a little lady.She loves to help with Bristol.

Madison insisted Bristol wear shoes today to church and she was tringing to put them on the way and Bristol was not liking it.Madison is so concerned about what "Our Baby" is going to wear and if it matches..Like I take her out with out matching..She is my fashion Diva!!!