a Little bit about our Bristol

                       Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner and wanted to Share about Bristol..
                                         She is our 3 rd daughter..She has taught us more in her 2 short years then most will in a lifetime ! We are so thankful to our Maker how choose us to care for you!
First we give God all the glory for all the progress she has made..She has been so blessed to receive the very best of care and we have searched for the very best therapist that fit her..
She is always happy..always wakes with a smile..
She was 2 months old when I was starting to have some concerns..After many doctors apportionment's and tests we were told She has hypotonia and oculomotor apraxia..We have also talked about speech apraxia..and possible motor apraxia..
She is treated  through Wolfson childrens hospital rehab clinic. She is currently getting two physical , three speech, and one vision therapy a week..She is a very busy girl.
We also are involved in early steps and She loves their play groups..We go to little gym and O2B kids..She loves to paint..

Family Cafe

We attended the Family Cafe conference This past weekend in Orlando..It was a Big Deal! There were Families there from all walks of life just trying to get information and resources to help heir Special Someone..I attended several conference's that were so  helpful jammed full of wonderful ideas..Things I can to help Bristol right away!. We meet some very nice families and Children with some of the same issues that Bristol has and tossed around ideas and shared what was working best for our family  and talked about therapy..What kind, how often..I shared with lots of family's how much we like Signing times videos.. These have helped Bristol's communication  SO much..She can let us know her basic needs and her signs are getting better all the time..Our last night there we were setting outside and another family came over and we struck up conversation and their daughter sat by Bristol who was eating cookies..no surprise..We watched as the two signed very simple signs to each other to communicate..IT was no less then  AWESOME..

Hearing test #2

Bristol had a hearing test a couple of weeks ago..The neurologist recommended it the last time we saw him..Even though She had her first hearing test at 4 months old..And we were told everything was fine!
The audiologist found her ears had a lot of fluid..and she has had 2 different antibiotics in the last month and a half.. So we went into the booth and I thought She did very well..But at the end of the test we were told we needed to see an ENT..Another dr..YYAAHH..NOT..Also call our pediatrician and talk with them about the fluid in her ears..So we saw them the next day and She is now taking Zertec Daily..We are Praying to retest in 4 weeks and put hearing loss worries  to rest..

Talent Show

 These Girls Rocked the House at our talent Show at school! Alli sang "this is the stuff" with her friend.. Madi did a jumped act with a group of girls and Clara my Niece sang all by her self "JUst another picture to burn"..They all did very well..Travis picked them up some flowers..And of course Bristol wanted a picture with them!