on the way!

Well after much thought ...we have ordered Bristol a new gait trainer..It should arrive about Wednesday..We are so excited for her..Our PT let us borrow his a couple of days to bring home and give it a try and see what we thought..We used it outside and at church Wednesday evening..She was everywhere..all up and down the sidewalks..smiling so big..so we are waiting ..
p.s. could you hurry deliver person....

Pt was awesome today

Bristol always smiles through most of her therapy..She squeals when her PT comes out the door and calls her name.. Today she did so well..We are so excited about the rapid progress she is making..This afternoon in Pt she stood so comfortable and played..She also pulled her her in the ball pit unassisted..She loves the ball pit..They have this new chair she sat in and pulled her self to standing while holding on to a push toy..Just last week when Her PT was trying to get her to do this she was resiting, but not today..At the end of her session we put her in the gait trainer and she did so well..she is all around, so proud of her self in a standing position..taking steps on her tippy toes..We are so proud of her..

the search is on

The search is on..Bristol's PT talked to us about a gate trainer..they have one in the therapy clinic that she is going really well in..She is walking in it and enjoying being free to stand alone..
I have been on the phone and searching the web to try to find the best possible way to get one..We borrowed something from a local daycare we thought she might use in the mean time but it just didn't work out (so I am hauling it in the back of my truck..gotta get that back next week)...But anyways I thought the insurance was not going to give us any problem and we had things rolling only for them to tell me "this is not something that happens over night..this is a 6-8 week process"...WHAT.. so looks like we will be by passing the insurance and doing things our way..so should you see a yellow snug seat Bronco gait trainer any where let us know..ha ha

pickin time

We have been picking squash in the garden every couple of days and the girls are lovin it.. And Bristol doesn't care what we are doing as long as we are outside..

She loves riding in this wagon..It was a birthday girt from her Nana..Sometimes I catch Madison pulling her a little to fast, but no complaints from Bristol..

One proud girl of her squash!


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Yesterday while I was feeding Bristol I walked away to get something and she made an unhappy noise..I walked back over to her and and said you want More..she put her little hands together and made the sign for More..I was so happy..I asked her again and again to show me just to make sure I hadn't I wasn't seeing things..But sure enough she knew exactly what I was asking her and responded by giving the sign..
She has been introduced to some signs in speech and by her vision Therapist..but I did not think she was having any idea what we were showing her..but she has surprised me once again..I am so happy about this..Tomorrow I plan on finding a book with some More signs we can work on..

Mothers day

We had such a good day..but most Sundays are special to me..We started out this morning all together in my bed reading mothers day cards..Travis had gotten the girls each their own card for me..they were all very fitting..Madison's was silly..Allison's was so thoughtful and Bristol's put me in tears..
We went to church and it was Full..We had a full close to go along with that..I had gotten some frames for the kids to paint and was having second thought about letting them PAINT..but we just went for it and they had a wonderful time..They are all so different..I could pick out their frames by their personality..some painted in such a hurry while others took there time..they were all beautiful and so proud to hand them to the Mom's at the door when they were picked up when church was out..
We went to lunch and ate to much..then home for a nap that lasted to long..
I love Sundays..

1 year well check

B's 1 year well check was a little late due to her being sick with the chicken pox, then something viral for several days..but then we finally got an appointment she was feeling great..

We had lots of questions about her weight, therapy (to much, not enough),shots, blood work..all kind of fun stuff..after you talk to so many medical people I have to really think to recall what each one tells us to do..cause usually none of them agree..so this makes it all the more fun for me..
I am so thankful We have a handful of people she sees weekly that helps us so much..they are very concerned and so wiling to listen about our new worry for the week.. When we pull into the parking lot she squeals with delight..And when we go inside and they know her name she always smiles..and when her PT calls her new she smiles so big..We are so blessed to work with her therapist..

Easter Blessing (a little LAte..)

easter 2010
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We took B to an early steps play group at Gymboree and she had a blast..She loved the tunnel so much Nana got her one of her own to take home..She also got some shakers, Because she really wasn't ready to leave those behind when it was over..We will be back..what a fun time..