Early Steps and more blood work

I took Bristol to early steps today..This is a program state wide that helps with children that may have some special concerns..We got alot of information..and a lot of advice..She smiled the entire time...all through the bell ringing, rattles, light shining around the dark room..tring to get something that was dropped or at least following it with her eyes..Playing peek a boo...which I come unglued about because she does not tolerate her eyes being covered..I guess because she may not see well and when you take away what she does see it scares her..

They told me we need to start occupational therapy due to her not using her arms or hands at all..We hope to get some one that fits and can come to our home..

They also are going to refer her to FSB (Florida school of the blind)..They saw what my concerns were with her eyes and vision..And agree that she is not seeing well and that this is holding her back from developing on time..So we will get this going and wait until the doctors may have some answers..She has a follow up appointment with the Ophthalmologist next week..

When we were done there I took her over to Wolfson to get blood work the geneticist had ordered..she did great. we looked up our Nurse we usually use..she is super..she was able to get her with one stick and it was all over but the crying..for myself and Bristol...We pulled ourselves together in just a few minutes and we were out of there..And off to get those big sisters from school..
Allison hard at work!!
Madison all ready, with her pink shoes..

Allison all ready..
How blessed am I so have the pleasure of serving breakfast to this bunch in the mornings..I can't think of any thing else I would rather do..

where has the time gone?

So school was back this morning..I don't know where the summer has gone..The girls were very excited this morning as was I..We parked the car and I helped them get all their stuff to their rooms..Allison said she was going to find her patrol teacher so she could show her how to put her safety patrol belt on..LOL I told her I thought she could figure it out..And when I went through the line today she had it on..She was loading cars with an umbrella, when she got done she said she had blisters on her hands from all the Hard Work..OMG

Madison went right into her class this morning and didn't even wait for me..Hard to believe she is now in kindergarten....she said the door was far enough for me..she was a big girl..I watched from the window at the door a little while..she never looked my way..I am glad she is so confident..She was so excited to bring home home work and in about 3 minutes into it this afternoon she was complaining..So typical..

Bristol and I had some nice peace and quiet for a couple of hours..Shopping for some school supplies that we still can not find..So to bed early we go..

Almost time....

It is almost time for school to start..we are checking our list and making new ones for things the girls need for school.Think God for uniforms...I took them to orientation yesterday to meet their teachers..I am as excited as they are almost..We are so Beyond Blessed to be able to send our kids to this school..The people their have such a heart for God..I love that they pour their little hearts out about their prayer request every morning first thing when they get into the classroom..Allison told her teacher all about Bristol and said "I have alot to pray about"...Madison shared with her class at church that she is "worried" about Bristol..Our family is going through this for a purpose..It has taken us by surprise, but I know Travis and I are closer and closer to God because of our circumstances...I have been singing a song just a couple lines cause that is all I know and they stick with me..

"the voice of truth says do not be afraid "

"the voice of Truth says this is for my glory"

" at of all the voices calling out to me I will believe the voice of truth"

Wednesday at 8:10 I will have a 5th grader and a Kindergartner!!!

I will Praise the Maker that choose me to care for You...

Today Bristol is 5 months old..She is such a good baby, with such a sweet spirit..she is always happy..no matter if we have been at a doctors appointment on one side of town and then to the other to get to therapy or at home all day in her jammies...she may be tired but always smiles..she is doing new things all the time..just today she has started blowing bubbles..she has discovered her feet now and holding her toes..she lets us know what she likes and doesn't like..she loves her bath at night..I think she is getting stronger everyday..

I want to celebrate all the little things bristol does new every day...She brings so much joy to our family.. Some one is always Lovin on her..And she loves to be snuggled with..she is our little snuggle bunny..I am so Blessed to have been chosen to be her Mother...I love her more every day..

Bristol had an appointment to see the neurologist Thursday that we had been waiting about a month for..She laid on the table Happy as always as we waited to see the doctor..She loves to hear paper crinkle and it is even better if she can get it to her mouth..so she played with the paper..The doctor told us he was optimistic that the hypotonia would improve with time....he ordered some blood work to rule out some things that may be related to the low tone and vision problems..he wrote on his report she had abnormal reflexes..this was the first time I had heard this..he told us to follow up with the geneticist...we already have an appointment for next week..he said the geneticist would dig around more to see what she thought the problem could be...No answers really...we took her up to the lab with no luck of getting her blood drawn ..two sticks later and they said come back tomorrow..so the next day we went to the lab at the hospital with no luck again...so we are planning to try again in the morning...

Bristol LOving her bath

*Baby bath tub for sale*
A little certain someone has moved on to bigger and better things..Bristol loves the water and splashes like crazy so we have moved to the sink and she loves it..It is just deep enough she looks like she is in a little garden tub just for her.. I love these little Piggy's..Soaking up the bubbles..

She is growing way to fast..

Hearing test

Bristol's therapist had suggested we have her hearing checked out..so on Friday she had an appointment..We were crazy because the rain was soo bad, but we make it..Terina and Clara went along for the ride..The technology is so cool that they use to tell if your hearing is normal..In just a few minutes, with just a couple of simple tests, they told us Bristol hearing was just fine..Praise.. Praise the name of the Lord..After a sticker for the both of them and a short pause for a picture or two of coarse, we were out of there..

Thursday, the girls and I went with some other Moms from church to the MOSH museum..We had a super time..We looked all around in the museum and saw a show on the IMAX screen.. Later we went outside down by the river and had our brown bag lunches..Allison had packed ours because we were in a hurry that morning..I was a little scared..but She had gone a great job..She is such a big help to me and I really miss her help when she loafs off and that is every chance she gets..
Madison spent most of our lunch chasing the birds..doesn't take much to make her happy..

After lunch we were brave and took all the kids a couple blocks over and rode the sky way..This is something I have been wanting to do with the girls for a while..They thought it was great..We are so blessed to have such a great church family...