So I have been calling about Bristol's lab results re guarding leukodystrophy  for 3 weeks now and finally got a nurse that was honest..She told me she was going to do some investigating but it appeared to be lost..I said you have to be kidding..We have been waiting 5 plus weeks for results that were to take 3-5 weeks...She told me she would call me back the next day and we would talk about what to do!!
So the next day she called and told me to bring Bristol back in the redraw the blood..She could not locate it in any lab they use...She was suppose to leave the orders at the front desk of the neurologist office and attack something to them to assure this would not happen again..She said the labs have to make several stops and must have got lost in the shuffle..
I took Bristol the next morning stopping at the Dr's office first to pick up the  orders that were not ready..I was fuming..After talking to the front desk person she went to the back and came back with some orders that said ROUTINE..ugh NO.. I want this rushed..
So we went to the lab over at Wolfson..We always have much better luck there instead of the lab in Nemours..It was so crowded..I had never seen that many people in the main waiting area..We got to the lab and I thought I would ask just for the heck of it if she knew what happened to the original  test.The lab person said give her a few minutes and she would look into it because "things just didn't get LOST there"...So after waiting a while she come and got us and took us back and said the blood was never sent to any lab because it was not enough and they needed  little more..I said NO..I don't think so..I want a Brand New test..I tried to explain how important the test was through my tears and in a nice way..I was fuming by now..So after everyone pointing the finger at everyone else..We wait again..The result should be rushed this time and we should have some results in about 10 days..