Blessed blessed

Bristol has taken ofF walking in the last couple of days like you would not believe! I have been waiting for this for what seems so long.. It seemed so far away for the longest time and now she is up it is hard to believe.. I look around and here she comes all over the house.. Opening up cabinets getting into the pantry and I have a hard time telling her no! I want her to make up for the time she could not explore..we are so blessed!


I am so ready for fall..I am so addicted to pinterest.... I love to look at all the neat ideas that I can really over the weekend I make a trip to the craft store and gathered up some thing to make a wreath for our front has been awhile since I made anything.. I was happy the way it turned out.

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A change

We made the design to switch back to the therapy clinic we started at when Bristol was 4 months old.. It is small and the drive is much better. No took a couple times for her to adjust but had done so well..

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A little someone is cruising through the house now and can OPEN the pantry..and has found a new favorite seat!

This pictures says I have been caught!

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Surgery day

We had to be at Wolfson early! Bristol was in such a happy mood..

Terina had come that morning early to get Allison and Madison off to school, it was their first day. I tried to ease their minds and tell them not to worry and have a great first day.

We got all settled in and they gave Bristol something to really relax her while we were playing in the play room. Our opthmoligist and anistigoligist came in and spoke to us. When the time came for them to take Bristol she was smiling and so relaxed. I put her in the little boat and off she went without a worry in the world...we sat in the waiting room and tried to keep sane..after a hour and a half her dr appered just as he said he would..he told us everything went great and he thought it was a success..praise god..they would soon have her in recovery and we could see her..

She slept for a while and woke up and looked great! Her eyes will have some blood in them for about three weeks.. Within just about in hour we were on our way home..she has done so well..No outside play for one week and no water play for two weeks..we can handle that..