So long 1st Grade..

Madison is almost done with first grade..She has done so well and should finish with all A's on her report card for the entire year! I am so thankful her school work seems to not give her any trouble.. Now her homework is a different story..She hates to set still at home and "do more work"...So it has been known for her to have to walk the fence at recess due to not turning her homework in..So She was very happy when She figured out this past Friday was her last in 1st grade..due to next week we will be out of town..So homework is a thing of the past for 1st grade.. She can be found gathering up change out of our cars and in our change jar to get goodies out of the snack shack on Fridays also..And may be known to use her lunch money if She forgets her money! I stood one Friday and watched as She give a couple of kids in her class money that had not brought any..She wanted everyone to get something..She has the Biggest heart of anyone I know! So Blessed to call her Mine!
This picture was taken on her field trip to the zoo.. we love to feed the giraffes!

                                      She helped pack our lunch and wrote on names on the bags.
                                                                        .I Love This!
                                                  They got a Alot a little squished in the cooler!
                                                The first grade also put on a play..MAdi was a
                                                                          Little blind mouse
                                                               with a couple speaking parts..
                                                                      She did very well!
So.. So long first grade!
p.s.   Queen of the monkey bars

Bristols Birthday

These pics were taken on Bristol's 2nd birthday! She is making the transformation to toddler hood more everyday! OOHHH how we Love her!!

Clay County Fair

We look forward to the fair every is always a good time..Alli and Madi participated in the hay bale decorating with 4H and did a great job..
Alli also entered a painting and won "best in show" for her age division..
Bristol loved riding in her wagon and seeing everything!
Madison made some fudge and also earned a ribbon!
Bristol was enjoying some time stretching her legs while Madi rested hers.. : )
Bristol reading the map..
We sold lemonade at our 4h stand..It was nice to talk to all the people that came by in the old Florida area..

I dance!

So you might already know that some things do not come so easy for our sweet Bristol..This also includes her speech..She has been in speech therapy for over a year now and it has been a very slow process..We have discussed apraxia of speech..meaning the words get lost from the brain to the mouth..I do not realize just how behind her speech is until we are around other small kids..And it is not so easy to answer
" Why doesn't Bristol talk?" another 2 year old.. but I try to with a smile..
So today we were at the big girls talent show practice and all the kids were dancing on the stage..I was talking to Bristol as always explaining to her what they were doing..and then she said something..I did not get it the first time ..but the second time I got it loud and clear.."I DANCE".. She said..She wanted to dance on the stage too..I was excited for her 1: to put two words together..2: to express what she wanted..

I am aware this may seem so simple to some but for our Bristol it is yet another answer to prayer..