This is a picture of B the first time She went to therapy!! It seems like a life time ago! She was so tiny and the road seemed so long!! We make a great number of friends at the small clinic we visited in Fleming Island 2 or sometimes 3 times a week..
But now we are in for some changes!! Her Awesome PT is now in the downtown clinic.. So we moved there too!! Going to take some getting used to But We will adjust..Looks like She is liking the toys in the waiting room already! Her smile lights the room up!!

Outside fun

                        These girls loves to be outside! And B is getting big enough
                                               to hold her own with  them..                                 
                         Watching them play you can't help but to smile!!
                                             We are So blessed!!
           They prefer a picnic outside over just about anything! doesn't take much to make them Happy..Simply Childhood!! No Worries!

LIvestock Judging

 I took Alli to Gainsville to a Judging clinic  for 4H a couple of weeks ago and Don't know what I was thinking! Not at all what I had imagined!! I was thinking cozy classroom with alot of video about animals..LOL.. 
NO..covered, Cold, Damp, open arena.. But She had a blast and I survived..  

  I felt like this sheep and I had alot in common..wanted to be anywhere but here!
Any thing for you my dear!

Christmas 2010

                             What a difference a year makes! MY how our girls have grown and changed!

Winter Jam 2011

 We had a blast!! Got there early and found us some good seats and watched with amazement as the place filled up quickly!! So awesome to so many young people that Love the Lord!!
 Madison said "I bet there is a hundred people in here!!"
 And This girl can sleep ANYWHERE!! She goes to sleep with the chickens anyways! So She snoozed the last couple bands away and woke up for the final band Newsboys to take the stage! Best $10.00 we have spent in a while!

In a blink

The day B got her very own walker!! Thanks Papa!!
Easter At church
All dressed up!
Rocking at cracker barrel
Girl loves her Daddy
Maybe his truck a little more!
Don't get many pics like this!
                                           Seems as though in a blink this year as gone by!!


We were at therapy Tuesday for PT, OT and speech..B's OT give us some great news..She has been working with her for about 14 months and knows her really well..She told us we can Drop her OT appointments!!! Praise God!! One less appointment a week!! and besides that our OT thinks She is so close to age appropriate!!This is answered prayers!!!The only thing She is doing that concerns me is still not moving her fingers like I think she should like not able to pick up things with her pointer and thumb..So her OT give us some ideas and things to do at home that could things! So.. So Long OT!!!