play group

I take Bristol to a couple of playgroups provided through early steps and she always has a good time..This was our first time at My gym..when we left She was asleep before I pulled out of the parking lot!
It is wonderful exercise her her and She loves the circle time with the songs!
can't wait for our next time!


This little smiling girl has so much to smile about !! Just a couple days ago at physical therapy She took 2 independent steps!!! I was totally surprised and could not believe my eyes through my tears!! Something that seemed so distant! yet so within reach.. Something most take for granted..Including me with Alli And Madi..
We have been encouraging B to stand alone, and She has been trying so hard..Her little body has to work so hard to just accomplish the smallest things it seems..But She is getting stronger ..I notice little things every day..When days seem to be so long her little smile always gets me through!!

Park Time

doesn't get any better then this!! oohh how I love these girls smiling faces!
Alli is so good with Bristol!! and such a big help!
My Madi..

Happy Happy