June 27

Today was a big day for Allison and Madison..Last November they were asked to be a part of their uncle Tracy's wedding..They have been counting down the days..We went to try on dresses on day..Bought shoes another...They were super excited when Friday rolled around and we went to get manicures and pedicures...the rehearsal went great and they did a great job..Saturday morning we took them to JCPenny's to get their hair fixed ...

Tracy, Cari, Allison, Madison, And Bristol

This is my favorite.....I took this outside before the wedding...The church was so pretty..It was very old with lots of charm...The outside was as beautiful as the inside..

Getting all ready in the Bride's Room..


Bristol Update

We took Bristol back to the
Ophthalmologist pediatrician early because her left eye was not looking like I thought it should, and she is still avoiding eye contact. The doctor said she has some issues but her eyes appear to be healthy so he referred us back to our pediatrician . we saw Dr. D two days later..He read through her chart and reports and decided she should have an M.R.I. and see a neurologist and a genetic..So after many hours on the phone we finally have the appointments set for her..She is smiling so much now and is almost rolling over..This picture of her is at Travis's brother's wedding rehearsal..We were helping the girls and she was laying happily on her blanket..She is such a good baby..She slept all night for about a week but that is not the case now..I don;t know what happened?

Sew Happy

I have been sewing up a storm this past couple of days..AND my house shows it..I have made dresses for Allison And Madison hen they were small and this week was Bristol's turn..Something tells me to put frills on her while I can cause she may not like it soon..She has rode in her swing and listened to the rain on our tin roof for hours..She is so content all the time..My sweet baby is almost 3 months which is so hard to believe..

I am still figuring out this blog thing..When I up load my pictures I never know where they will end up on the page..This is a work in progress..