Sew Happy

I have been sewing up a storm this past couple of days..AND my house shows it..I have made dresses for Allison And Madison hen they were small and this week was Bristol's turn..Something tells me to put frills on her while I can cause she may not like it soon..She has rode in her swing and listened to the rain on our tin roof for hours..She is so content all the time..My sweet baby is almost 3 months which is so hard to believe..

I am still figuring out this blog thing..When I up load my pictures I never know where they will end up on the page..This is a work in progress..

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Jennifer said...

YOU MADE THAT?! AWESOME!!!!! I love it!

As for this blogging stuff, keep with it. You are doing great. I use flickr to upload my pictures and then you can just add the link rather then loading from your computer which in my opinion takes longer. The pictures always end up at the top, I just copy and paste them where I want them. Seriously though, keep with it... you will be so glad you did!!!