Look Who's setting up unsupported!!!
B has been setting on her own for a couple of weeks, but just started with no support..She is making wonderful progress..
And I read on another blog this morning..We are learning to celebrate
"Inch stones"..
not milestones..


trina said...

thats is awesome sabrina! yay for bristol!!

Julie said...

Yeah!!!!! So happy for you! We are not there yet with the sitting...but hopefully in the next few months. I really needed that quote about inch stones..not milestones. Thank you! I can so relate to your previous post about worry. I worry all the time-and wake up in the middle of the night constantly. I KNOW God doesn't want us to worry-he wants us to trust him-it's something I'm really working on- but so hard when it's your child!

I hope it's ok I keep posting comments on your blog! :) I haven't figured out what I want to do with my blog yet-which would explain the lack of posting. I think it would be good for me to begin posting again.

Anyways-thanks for sharing your story-it's good to know my feelings are normal. :)

My email is cjyoder@wifi7.com if you ever have a bad day and need someone to listen. I never would have imagined a year ago that this would be the journey we are on. I keep telling myself that God is in control. (Thank goodness).