"Sensory Issues"

"what" never heard of that before..I am not sure I understand it..

But needless to say we will do what ever..

So Tuesday in B's Ot session we were talking about her Really over reacting sometimes with just a small touch.. And the things I would think would make her freak out she doesn't..
Also her muscles seem to be asleep sometimes..making it hard to support her body..

Alot of this is so hard to understand..

So our Ot gave me a soft bristle brush, something like you would see doctors using to clean their hands before surgery I guess..

So the plan is to "Brush her "every two hours following with a massage to the muscles stimulated and joint compressions..
"the proprioceptive firing provides a flood of strong calming or inhibitory input to balance the effort of the brain centers that are firing so much excitatory flow" yikes..

All I could say is I will do my best..
This is a proven technique.we should be positive changes within several days..
time to brush..

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