something to think about!

In the movies!! all smiles!!

We took the girls and a couple friends from church to see "Letters to God" Sunday after church..I was surprised how good it was..It totally stirs your emotions up..Gives alot to think about..and so much to be thankful for..

Our lives were turned upside down about 11 months ago when we started the roller coaster ride with Bristol when she was 2 months old..I remember the day I had her at the doctor for them just to take a peek ..I was worried she wasn't tracking anything with her eyes..she wasn't looking at my face when I talked to her...and I was so worried she had not smiled yet..Although I didn't tell the doctor..Because I know they would say all baby's are different..give her time..I thought they would say, "she's fine Mom".."Take her home".."Nothing to worry about"..But instead the doctor fell silent for several seconds and said yeah lets get her over to see the oththmoligist this week..

I often think back to the days of leisure before I questioned anything about her health..I love those pictures of us holding her that first Easter.The first we celebrated as a family of 5..My 3 beautiful girls standing on the porch of our newly built home..Taking lots of pictures..The Big sisters wanting to hold Bristol with their picture with her alone..
I think back to that morning and remember just thinking we had things to worry about..

It seems like a life time ago..Our lives have been so busy with appointments and THERAPY..that is doing wonders for our darling..

You never know what life is going to throw your way..I am so Thankful Our God chose Our family to care for Bristol!!!!!!

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