12 YEARS ago I took a job that I that I was not sure at the time I was ready for..I job that I thought I had prepared my self for..One that would last forever..One that was going to be beyond my widest dream the Best job ever..Being a Mom..
I remember the First time I saw  My Allison 's little face..It is unexplainable how I felt..I remember feeling like those doctors had taken my heart right out of my chest..Love at first sight!! She was perfect in every way..
And She was mine..I remember Travis and I just gazing at her in disbelief She was ours!! 
That day changed our lives forever..
Watching Allison grow older each year has been pure delight..(well most days)..She has blossomed into a wonderful young lady..
As beautiful on the inside as the outside!!
Caring, Ccompassionate, Loving, So Funny!!
There is not many days that goes by that she doesn't make us giggle and smile..
She is such a big help!!
She is so Wonderful with Bristol (and Madison when I am not watching).
I pray She lives the daysof  her life to the fullest..
I pray She always has spunk in every step..
You are a Blessing!

Allison I love you more then you will ever know!!
 I want you to know your Dad and I are so proud of who you are!!
Proud for you to call us Mom and Dad!
Happy Birthday Our Sweet girl!!

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