EYE surgery..

Bristol has been under the care of an opthmoligist since She was 2 months old..We started with one Doctor and then switched to another that better suited her needs ! Our Doctor keeps a very close watch on her and sees her every 3-4 months..She is so good when we go..She sits so still and usually does everything He ask..We have discussed her eyes not working together and what we could do about it..In her last visit we talked about her eyes not working together AT ALLl..Our doctor thinks now is the time to try to align her eyes with muscle surgery..
This was no big surprise to me..About a week before this appointment I felt God was telling about it..Quiet and still it is amazing what Our God will talk over with you! So the doctor just confirmed what I knew already..
So we started making calls to get it scheduled and She is on the books in august..until then we pray!

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