MRI #3

Today Bristol was all set for an MRI.. We had gone last weEk to have her pre op and I had asked about the order and wanted to make sure it would be done with and without contrast..

So this morning we were to be there at 6:30.. We got settled in and at 8 they took her back..after being cleared by the antistelogist she was ready..I carried her back to the room where the machine is..they give her some gas and she was asleep in seconds..I was asked to go to the waiting room and they would be to get me soon..I took my seat in the waiting room with my mom and travis's mom.. We waited..

They called me back after just a little while, they were done and ready to wake her up.. She did great..woke up right away and was shouting GO!! She was ready to get out if there..

But after asking some questions why it only took a few minutes our nurse responded .. I only heard "no contrast""......I was so mad..after lots more questions and knowing we could not do anything about it now I was like Bristol..GO!!!

So they put my baby to sleep..3rd time in 3 months..(eye surgery, ear tubes) and did not do a complete job? So now I wait for the neurologist and genetic dr to call! With no answers more then frustrated!!

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