Madison graduated from prek this morning..She had enjoyed this school year so much and had has learned soo much..We had wonderful teachers..She was not easy to get ready in the mornings..She hated the uniform shirts and would complain they were boy shirts..She would complain all the way to school most mornings...When I would get there to pick her up no matter if I was the 1st or the lat car in line she would say "What took you sooo long? It is hot out here."..She loved show and tell..I am sure she always had a story to tell..Some days we would forget to bring something and she would find her something in our car she could tell a story about..She took the sonogram pics of Bristol several times..Madison loved school this year.. I loved to go to chapel and set in the back and just watch.. It brought tears to my eyes listening to them sing about our Jesus..and how much they loved him..we are so blessed to send our girls to such an awesome school!!

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