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Monday morning a parent advisor came to our house from the Florida school of blind, for what I thought was going to be an evaluation but turned out to be mostly paperwork.She did answer some questions for us and told us what Bristol has been diagnosed with Oculomotor Apraxis is very rare and she has never treated some one with this before...It is such a long road to get things going for any kind of therapy...We were told Bristol may not qualify for treatment due to her diagnosis..After getting her medical records we should know more..

Bristol has days when she is not motivated at all..These days are scary for me..She sleeps alot and just lays still..she may smile but just when talked to..She has days like these often..Our PT recommended keeping a journal of her behavior daily so we can refer back this..

This morning we saw a new OT that we loved..I think we will see her again..This means Bristol will have OT Mondays and Wednesday And PT Tuesdays and Thursdays...And vision hopefully started very soon..

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