oculomotor apraxia

We had Bristol at the opthamologist this week again..She has seen the same doctor three times and he always told us about the same thing every time and come back in six months..After several sleepless night and talking to other doctors I thought we were not getting good information so This time when I made her appointment I insisted we see another doctor..so I am so glad we finally got some information..The opthamologist told us she has oculomotor apraxia...As far as I understand this means she doesn't have very good control of her eyes muscles..making it hard for her to see..The doctor told us no glasses or surgery would help..This is also a kind of syndrome that is very rare..Our pediatrician had never treated any one with this before..Bristol has an appointment again with the geneticist that has been following her in a couple of weeks.. with this diagnosis comes alot of fear of the unknown..
So all we know to do is pray..

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