Tonight Travis and I celebrated our 11 year aniversery!! I do not know where the time has gone..It seems like just a few years ago we were married and expecting our first Allison..He was sheeting houses and I was working for the eye dr..And we were living on love..We have grown up so much since then..I thought I loved him soo much then , but it does not compare how much I love him now and care for him now..He is everything I could ever hope for for a Daddy for our girls..he loves all 3 of them differly yet the same..He makes them each feel special even if it is riding to the dump to take the trash..They bail right in that nasty truck of his like it was a limozine..He tells them he loves them all the time and not for any certain reason..He tells them he is proud of them...and he means it..I appreciate him so much.. His main concern is to provide for our family!! He loves to take the girls to the store and let them get something or take them to the movies and for ice cream..He is the best Daddy and husband..I could not ask for more.. He puts up with my nagging ways and doesn't complain about it..He tells me he loves me all the time and what a great mother I am to our girls..(sometimes I will think "well you were not there this morning when we were etting ready for school "LOL)..

Travis I love you soo...I hope we have many more years together and make many memories with our girls as they grow up.. I pray they too can find a husband to cherish them the way you do now..

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