Bristol 6 months old

Our baby is a big 6 months old today...Wow has the time passed quickly..We love her sooo much and enjoy every minute with her..Bristol's personality is really starting to shine..She can be such a little clown..She is always happy..She is doing awesome with her therapy..She now goes to physical therapy and occupational therapy 2 times a week for a hour.. and I see improvement each time we is a hassle sometimes as we are rushing out the door to take the big girls to school and get her to her appointments on time but worth every effort...She is making progress every day I feel like.. These are some quick pictures I took of her to mark her 6 months..At this point she had been in the bumbo seat for a few minutes so she was getting tired..and beginning to Lean a little..

She is pure Joy...I can't even describe the happiness she brings to us...she is now rolling over and playing with her toys..She is starting to reach for things some now and tracking some with her eyes.. She is paying more attention to the girls now and often giggles with them..I love to watch her laugh with them..
We took her in for her 6 months check today..We talked about what the opthamologist had told us a couple of weeks back..our Dr said he had never saw another bay with hypotonia that it affected their eyes and thought it was best we got a second we called the Dr he wanted her to see..I was not really happy the way they spoke on the phone and was disappointed when they told me they did not take our insurance and the cost would be $5oo.oo.. I want her to have the best of care but this seems outrageous..I am confused and don't know in what direction to go in now..I also talked more with the vision therapist from FBS (Florida school of the blind)..She should have us an appointment very soon and I am hoping she can tell us what direction to go in as far as a second opinion..

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HolaChica said...

Awww! Happy 6 months! We love you guys!

I'll see if I can get you any more eye info thru my old contacts...