Busy are we

Bristol is liking the bumbo seat more and is building more endurance seating in it..It helps strengthen her tummy muscles..She really likes setting under the baby gym... We have been crazy running Alli to volley ball all over the place. But we are so loving watching her and her team play.We have been to alot of the varsity girls games as well..
This is Bristol watching the game..She is doing well with all the noise and commotion which makes me super happy..I want her to enjoy all the things with the girls and not be scared of all the sound and so far she is doing great..
Bristol is eating some baby food now.. So far all we can get her to eat is something with apples or apple sauce..she is not having carrots or peaches....she is doing better every day with learning to open her mouth for the spoon and when she is ready for another bit..and keeping more in then spitting out as she swallows..
And my little helper..Madison wanted to help feed Bristol and I watch her when we are in the kitchen in the evenings cooking dinner..Bristol loves the extra entertainment..and does just as well with Madison feeding her..Madison put on her apron so she wouldn't get any on her...

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