Ophthalmologist visit

Today I took Bristol back to see the ophthalmologist..I was so dreading this appointment..the bigger she gets the harder it seems..I did not want to have to hold her little hands down while they put drops in to dilate her eyes..Thank You Lord, we did not have to do this today..He just looked at her eyes with the lights dim..Since we have been there she has been diagnosed with hypotonia..He told us this explains her eyes working to way they do..Because of the low muscle tone she doesn't have good control over her eyes..this is why she turns her head and looks through the corners of her eyes..So he will see her in 6 months again..She is learning to hold her head so she sees better..It breaks my heart some times to see her working so hard just to look at me and smile..She goes to sleep with a smile and always wakes with one..She is now rolling over..this is great news..We have been working with her everyday with the exercises they show us in physical therapy..

Tomorrow morning I take her to her first evaluation for occupational therapy ..We will work on her gross motor skills and using her hands and arms more which she is hardly now..

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