Christmas was Merry

It doesn't get any better then this..Three Happy Girls Christmas morning!!

Our Christmas was merry alright..We stayed at home all day..It was nice not having to go any where..The girls slept in later then I had expected, but when they did wake up they were so excited..And like every year we have to wait for Travis to take a shower before he comes to open presents..HE is worse than a teen age girl some times..ha ha..Bristol had no idea what was going on but knew something was different than most mornings..As always she was smiling..
We had ham and dressing and all the yummy fixings for lunch and more family and friends over for desert later that night and the kids played the Wii..We had a good time watching that..My family is so blessed!! And for that we are Thankful..
p.s. I am going crazy getting these pictures in the order I want them.....

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