neurologist tomorrow

So tomorrow B has an appointment with the neurologist for a follow up..I have a lot of question wrote down I would like to get some answers to..but we'll see..She is doing great with the patching of her eyes..she is not fighting near as much as when we started..can't seem to see if it is helping yet thou I think it may be too soon..and yet I can explain why we are doing it I was not aware her eyes were not turning in for near objects.. Tuesday B has an evaul with our PT..we will talk about her progress and set some goals for the next 6 months..I know B is on her own time line and she will do things when she is ready but it is so hard to see her struggle just to set unassisted or try to pull herself on the floor to try to get to her toys..I want to know we are doing everything within our power to help her..

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