Mothers day

We had such a good day..but most Sundays are special to me..We started out this morning all together in my bed reading mothers day cards..Travis had gotten the girls each their own card for me..they were all very fitting..Madison's was silly..Allison's was so thoughtful and Bristol's put me in tears..
We went to church and it was Full..We had a full close to go along with that..I had gotten some frames for the kids to paint and was having second thought about letting them PAINT..but we just went for it and they had a wonderful time..They are all so different..I could pick out their frames by their personality..some painted in such a hurry while others took there time..they were all beautiful and so proud to hand them to the Mom's at the door when they were picked up when church was out..
We went to lunch and ate to much..then home for a nap that lasted to long..
I love Sundays..

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