1 year well check

B's 1 year well check was a little late due to her being sick with the chicken pox, then something viral for several days..but then we finally got an appointment she was feeling great..

We had lots of questions about her weight, therapy (to much, not enough),shots, blood work..all kind of fun stuff..after you talk to so many medical people I have to really think to recall what each one tells us to do..cause usually none of them agree..so this makes it all the more fun for me..
I am so thankful We have a handful of people she sees weekly that helps us so much..they are very concerned and so wiling to listen about our new worry for the week.. When we pull into the parking lot she squeals with delight..And when we go inside and they know her name she always smiles..and when her PT calls her new she smiles so big..We are so blessed to work with her therapist..

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