the search is on

The search is on..Bristol's PT talked to us about a gate trainer..they have one in the therapy clinic that she is going really well in..She is walking in it and enjoying being free to stand alone..
I have been on the phone and searching the web to try to find the best possible way to get one..We borrowed something from a local daycare we thought she might use in the mean time but it just didn't work out (so I am hauling it in the back of my truck..gotta get that back next week)...But anyways I thought the insurance was not going to give us any problem and we had things rolling only for them to tell me "this is not something that happens over night..this is a 6-8 week process"...WHAT.. so looks like we will be by passing the insurance and doing things our should you see a yellow snug seat Bronco gait trainer any where let us know..ha ha

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