Neurologist visit

I heard a new song in the radio this week..I don't know the name or most of the words but I remember a line..

Nothing that happens to me takes you by surprise..

I remind my self of this when it seems I can't see through my tears!

We went to see the neurologist to talk about B's MRI and EEG results..I was so dreading this appointment..It is so hard to write this down, as if it may not be true until you put it in writing..

Anyway we talked about the MRI and he showed us slides of her test..I had gotten a copy of the report from our pediatrician a couple days before so I was prepared there would be something to talk about..He was concerned about one part of the brain ..He thinks she may leukodystrophy.. This is where your brain stops making insulators for the nerves or never makes them..It is so complicated..I really don't understand any of it..He says it is possible that the brain appears this way because she is developing slow and so is this part of her brain..of course this is want we are praying for..If she has leukodystrophy it has over a dozen different types..So the Dr ordered 3 different blood tests..2 that would be back in 5-7 days and one that may take 3-5 weeks..So we are desperately awaiting the results..I am not good at waiting..The DR also ordered a 24 hour EEG to once again rule out seizures..I take B Wednesday for that test to spend the night in the hospital..Please pray for our B..

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