who's racing?

"Childhood should be a journey, Not a race!" --unknown
I love this quote..and this is so true..what better thing to write about in my 100th post..I am so glad I have taken time to jot down things here and there..I like to reflect back on some time ago..
Bristol had an awesome therapy session last Tuesday..she put things into a container for one..she stacked blocks for another..she pushed something across the floor and took steps behind it for one..and she ate blueberries all by herself for another..She was a busy girl that day with 4 appointments..
She enjoys her time at the clinic with her therapist but we are making a couple of changes..she has been going for a year now..Has rarely missed any appointments and sometimes we were there 3 times in a week..not any more..
We have slowed down to 2 times a week..
I want her to have time to just be a baby at home..
I still want her to progress,
but therapy is not going to change who she is..
I do not want to change who she is..
I do want her to be the best that she can be..
I will cheer her on in her own journey,
And I might add she is doing amazing things!
We love you B!

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