Early Steps and more blood work

I took Bristol to early steps today..This is a program state wide that helps with children that may have some special concerns..We got alot of information..and a lot of advice..She smiled the entire time...all through the bell ringing, rattles, light shining around the dark room..tring to get something that was dropped or at least following it with her eyes..Playing peek a boo...which I come unglued about because she does not tolerate her eyes being covered..I guess because she may not see well and when you take away what she does see it scares her..

They told me we need to start occupational therapy due to her not using her arms or hands at all..We hope to get some one that fits and can come to our home..

They also are going to refer her to FSB (Florida school of the blind)..They saw what my concerns were with her eyes and vision..And agree that she is not seeing well and that this is holding her back from developing on time..So we will get this going and wait until the doctors may have some answers..She has a follow up appointment with the Ophthalmologist next week..

When we were done there I took her over to Wolfson to get blood work the geneticist had ordered..she did great. we looked up our Nurse we usually use..she is super..she was able to get her with one stick and it was all over but the crying..for myself and Bristol...We pulled ourselves together in just a few minutes and we were out of there..And off to get those big sisters from school..

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