Bristol had her EEG last Wednesday..It was not fun..but very necessary!
She had this test because we suspect she may be having seizures..So this was the first step to take..
I had to wake her up at 6am and she likes her sleep in the it was about 6:20 before she was fully awake..She had to stay awake until she had the test at 1:00...She got really sleepy on the way but we managed to keep her awake..They wrapped her in a sheet to help keep her still which she hated..All these wires were attached to her head with "glue"..She did great once she settled down and was able to go right to sleep just as planned..then they woke her up and did some things with strobe lights ...I laid right beside her on the bed..not easy to see her so upset but glad it's over..

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Janelle said...

Poor little girl! It is so hard seeing your baby like that. My son had a minor surgery and I just about lost it seeing him with wires all over in the recovery room. Big prayers for your little girl!