Ophthalmologist visit

I took Bristol to Nemours for her bi-monthly ophthalmologist visit the day after her EEG..I was concerned she may not feel up to it but did great..nothing new..we talked about patching her eyes which she hates! She wore her tractor dress which she loves.. She used her walker to go all the way in the building and up the elevator and into the room..that is a long walk for her..and then back down again back to the car..I love the way she has the freedom to stop and look at little things that interest her..she loved it..


Robin said...

HEY! I am visiting from Jenna's Journey!

I've spent the past hour reading your story and your family is just precious!

I am so glad to "meet" you!

Robin :o) aka: Alabama Slacker Mama

Laura said...

She is SOOOOOO cute!!!!!!

*visiting from Jenna's :)