July 4th Fun

July 4th we had a full day! We started out with the parade..
Madi and Bristol had just finished their breakfast..
Madi wanted her picture in front of the shower curtain that we painted before we left that morning..

Bristol loved the parade..She just squealed when she was all the people on the sidewalk..and she was lovin the tractor pulling the trailer..
This is her at the end of the night..about 3 minutes before the fireworks..I was hoping he would make it but, she couldn't hold her eyes open another minute..
We spent most of the day at this water slide..The Kids had a blast..It took them a couple times climbing up there to get the courage to slide down But once they did..WOw they couldn't wait to do it again..and again...

It is a monster!
Bristol had so much fun doing her thing at the cook house..She was all over the place..I am so thankful she has something she can be independent with!

She slowed down long enough to have some home grown tomatoes..Yummy if you like tomatoes!
After the parade We tried for a picture with all 5 girls..
Madison and Clara watching the fireworks!

I love this picture of Alli holding Bristol..She is so gentle with her, And Bristol adores her..

We had a great day! one I hope the girls will say remember when...

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