MRI tomorrow

Tomorrow Bristol goes for a MRI..I am so thankful she doesn't understand yet, and is not worried..We are to be there at 9am and she can not have anything to eat or drink after min night..should be a fun morning..:-(..they are going to give her gas and then start an iv and use the meds in that to keep her asleep..and to administer dye so they can get a picture with we may have some answers or we may not..I am taking some info about Joubert Syndrome to make sure the pictures are taken to rule this out..So please pray!


Noah's Miracle said...


The bike that Noah has is from Babies R Us, it's called a little tikes 3 in 1 bike, I think it also comes in pink :)

Many blessings,
Stacy, Chris & Little Noah

Jennifer said...

Here from Jenna's. Saying a special prayer for your little one :)