We had Bristol back at the doctor Friday for her pre-op appointment before her MRI...She still is avoiding eye contact and not tracking anything with her eyes..she has been evaulated by an opthmoligist and her eyes appear to be healthy...So After lots of questions and after reading her report from the geneticist our doctor decided to get her started with physical therapy due to hypotonia..this means her muscles have low tone.. we were concerned she was not holding her head up like she should at this age. she doesn't have alot of upper boby strength..This can be very scary....Some kids do very well with therapy...Some cases are very mild..we won't know how sereve she is until she is a little older and evalulated by the therapist..we should start Friday and then know how many times a week she will have to go..
I know Bristol was hand picked just for Travis and I...we may have some difficult times ahead, fear of the unknown.. But we know our God is an awesome God and there is nothing he can't do.....God knew she was going to be special and and I am honored he would entrust me to be her Mama.. She is the most pleasant baby I have ever been around.. So happy all the time..She is our baby and we are doing to do every thing in our power to get her the very best of care..Please keep her and us in your prayers..


Sara Cohen said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. We are going to an opthomologist as well. He's already had an MRI and it's fine. I found a great website that talks about hypotonia and I referenced it on my 7/14 post on my blog. Hope you get some answers and that therapy works well! We should be starting PT this week or next.

Sebrina said...

Thnks for sharing I will check back..