M.R.I. Today

Today was the day we have been looking forward to, yet dreading for weeks..We took Bristol to Wolfson for her MRI. I had talked to the nurses several times about what to expect about the appointment, but You don't know really until you get there..I did not know how I was going to be able to hand my baby to a stranger for I know would be a short time but felt like forever...But Jesus never takes you anywhere that Grace doesn't reach.. The day could not have gone any better.. We got Bristol undressed and this cute little gown on and waited to be took upstairs with her nurse that stayed with her the entire time..they gave her some medicine that made her sleepy for a short while..It was important for her to stay perfectly still during the test and the machine is very loud...She did great...I rocked her after the medicine and her nurse let me hold her until she was fast alseep..Travis and I gave her lots of kisses and after a couple of tears went to the waiting with our Moms..It went quickly Thank God!!!
They brought out when the test was over and she was still sleeping sound.. They pulled her in the cushioned wagon because she was still attached so the portable monitors..

She took a little longer to wake up than I would have liked..But when she did wake up she woke up talking..LOL... What a precious Baby God has chosen just for us and such a "tough old bird"..
We went to church this night and the night before..The message was so Awesome and just what we needed...The preacher spoke about Gods Grace and how you don't just stumble across it..Grace is in our lives when we need it..Genesis 5:27 says, " And Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord"....I also found Grace..Thank you Jesus Grace is put here Just for me..He also spoke of not looking for Grace when you are at the highest, but when you are at your lowest and closest to Jesus..

The hospital gave her this bear which she really liked..So we wait for results now....

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