More Praise

Bright and early this morning we got a call from our Doctor...Bristol's MRI was Normal!!!!!

Thank You Jesus!!!!


Anna Desuyo said...

Praise GOD!!!!!! He is always faithful!!

Jennifer said...

God is so GOOD! So thankful that the MRI came back with good results. Still keeping you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sebrina! I just found out you have a blog! I wanted to let you know that I am following from here on out! My sister has a blog also( and niece has one also ( Didn't know if you would like to following one of those.

Well, since we don't see ya'll much (even though we live 10 minutes from each other)I'll be checking in on ya'll. I'm praying for Bristol and your family!

Stacey Austin

Anonymous said...

Great news! You are in our prayers every day. Much love!
trina carter

Sara Cohen said...

congratulations! That is so wonderful!