The last couple of days Bristol has made great progress..She is holding eye contact for a couple of seconds and smiling up a storm..we had to touch her cheeks just a couple of days ago to make her smile, but now when she hears our voice she turns and smiles..I know our God is hearing our prayers..She hates these bows she pulls them off and makes ugly faces when I put them on her.. Bristiol had her first physical therapy appointment today due to hypotonia..We had an awesome therapist that explained so much..She told us muscle tone and strength are different..She told us muscle tone is something you are born with and it does not increase or decrease as you grow. So unlike muscle tone you can build muscle strength. .. Bristol will always have low tone But with therapy she’ll gain strength..The therapist gave us lots of exercises to work on at home between her appointments..we are going to take her twice a week for 6 months and then evaluate her again..
The office was great and so colorful..She wasn't feeling good at all so we didn't really get started today with exercises..She has a terrible cold and stuffy nose..

We take her back on Thursday and I hope she is feeling better..

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