Today I took Bristol back to her first "real" physical therapy session..We saw a different therapist then the one that did her initial evaluation.. the therapist we saw today will be working with her twice a week for the next six months....He brought put some things I had noticed but haven't really thought about..He said her hearing was sporadic.sometime she responded to sound and other times she did not...and we should have it checked..he said she had a lot of work to do and her upper torso was very weak.. and it was very important I help her every day at home..He gave me some different things to do with her at home..He talked to her like she couldn't see..I was quick to tell him I thought she could see and so did the ophthalmologist we had already seen twice..He was concerned she didn't respond to any toys and said that would just make things more of a challenge..he also told me that most of the time hypotonia comes as a symptom of something else..we will see if anything else is going on when we have her mri on Monday..I am very anxious about it because she is going to be sedated for about an hour..
After the therapy she was so worn out, she fell asleep right away and slept for a couple of hours..tonight I set her a couple of things up on a blanket in the living room so we can work with her there often..I will be so relieved next week when the mri is behind us..and her 4 months check when we talk about what if anything they week this time we should have some answers..until then we will PRAY..

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