Almost time....

It is almost time for school to start..we are checking our list and making new ones for things the girls need for school.Think God for uniforms...I took them to orientation yesterday to meet their teachers..I am as excited as they are almost..We are so Beyond Blessed to be able to send our kids to this school..The people their have such a heart for God..I love that they pour their little hearts out about their prayer request every morning first thing when they get into the classroom..Allison told her teacher all about Bristol and said "I have alot to pray about"...Madison shared with her class at church that she is "worried" about Bristol..Our family is going through this for a purpose..It has taken us by surprise, but I know Travis and I are closer and closer to God because of our circumstances...I have been singing a song just a couple lines cause that is all I know and they stick with me..

"the voice of truth says do not be afraid "

"the voice of Truth says this is for my glory"

" at of all the voices calling out to me I will believe the voice of truth"

Wednesday at 8:10 I will have a 5th grader and a Kindergartner!!!

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