where has the time gone?

So school was back this morning..I don't know where the summer has gone..The girls were very excited this morning as was I..We parked the car and I helped them get all their stuff to their rooms..Allison said she was going to find her patrol teacher so she could show her how to put her safety patrol belt on..LOL I told her I thought she could figure it out..And when I went through the line today she had it on..She was loading cars with an umbrella, when she got done she said she had blisters on her hands from all the Hard Work..OMG

Madison went right into her class this morning and didn't even wait for me..Hard to believe she is now in kindergarten....she said the door was far enough for me..she was a big girl..I watched from the window at the door a little while..she never looked my way..I am glad she is so confident..She was so excited to bring home home work and in about 3 minutes into it this afternoon she was complaining..So typical..

Bristol and I had some nice peace and quiet for a couple of hours..Shopping for some school supplies that we still can not find..So to bed early we go..

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