I will Praise the Maker that choose me to care for You...

Today Bristol is 5 months old..She is such a good baby, with such a sweet spirit..she is always happy..no matter if we have been at a doctors appointment on one side of town and then to the other to get to therapy or at home all day in her jammies...she may be tired but always smiles..she is doing new things all the time..just today she has started blowing bubbles..she has discovered her feet now and holding her toes..she lets us know what she likes and doesn't like..she loves her bath at night..I think she is getting stronger everyday..

I want to celebrate all the little things bristol does new every day...She brings so much joy to our family.. Some one is always Lovin on her..And she loves to be snuggled with..she is our little snuggle bunny..I am so Blessed to have been chosen to be her Mother...I love her more every day..

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